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Stranger in New New York
Chapter I

It's been pretty restless night at apartment 280^à, which was located on the twentieth floor of the old New New York's high-riser. It was hell of the strange building. Rather creepy things happened in there all the time. Resident's jewelry got missing in the most inexplicable way... especially on Saturdays. But it's not the only one. Right on that evening when all the things in apartment 280^a happened, some golden robot got hit by a brick that fell somewhere from the upper floors right on his head. Poor fellow must have missed the sign on the door warning about the danger
(you can ask operator to give you an umbrella. Clinic is on the 201st floor. All yammers go to Kentucky)

Right below the sign are some light funereal parlor's commercials. Operator always been saying the sign has its benefits but no one ever understood what he was meaning. 
Anyway, back to the apartment 280^a. There was an ordinary young family's residence. And this family had only one member who truly believed in all spooky things about ghost-reavers... and it wasn't a five year old little girl. 
Dim light illuminated the kitchen. One-eyed woman was leaning against the soft back of the sofa and her ever greedy three-eyed pet was lying on her legs. Leela seemed pretty pissed as it was over midnight and her zany husband and a littler daughter was still up. They were watching some stupid horror movie on TV and Leela was upset as she knew that after it Alice won't be sleeping. But the worst thing was that Leela didn't know how to make them all go to bed. 
This, so called, zany husband was lying on the beige sofa in the dark living room and next to him Alice was grabbing his right hand trying to make "I'm not scared at all" kind of look. The both was wearing pajamas.
Alice was hiding her eyes in father's shoulder but carefully tried to see what's happening on the screen of the new flying TV set which already had some padded edges. Alice was really sorry about that...
The couple was watching the classic horror movie - "Final Destination 633", which was really popular as it was the only movie Calculon not casted. 
Fry was actively adding comments, like "The last 10 parts was much better"  or "I've seen this death in the part 302".
Alice never admitted that but she was already sorry for asking her dad a permission to watch the movie. 
Leela made a few steps to Alice, laid the hand on her shoulder and give her a big smile. 
- No, I'm not scared! I will be sleeping! What monsters are you talking about? I'm scared of monsters! - Alice was trying to make an excuses kissing her mother on the cheek. But Leela's eye was still scowled. 
- Why did you let her watch it, Fry? You know she won't sleep after! - Leela folded her arms. 
- She's a big girl already, she need to know about these things! - answered Fry watching how some women was murdered by her own furniture. Leela just signed.
Turning off the light on the kitchen Leela went to the bed warning Fry and Alice that if they will be not sleeping in 10 minutes, TV is going to besmashed.
Hooray!!! :squee::squee::squee:
One amazing person translated into English part of my fanfic :squee::squee::squee::squee::squee::squee:
Thank you Margehugger :hug: :hug::hug:

Futurama Fry and Leela (c) Matt Groening
Alice Fry (c) :iconmissfuturama:
translation (с) Margehugger
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Истории Элис Фрай на Независимом форуме по Симпсонам и Футураме [link]

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